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What discount codes do you offer and how can I get one?

We offer 10% off + free shipping when signing up for our email list. 

What should I do if my discount code isn't working?

If you have a discount code and it’s not working, email our Customer Experience team and they will be able to help troubleshoot any issues.

Do you offer student or military discounts?

We don’t at this time however if you email our Customer Experience team, they will be able to see what we can do.

There is a dirty mark on my shoe?

The shoes are made with high heats, so it could’ve come from the material being a little overheated in that spot, or even a little scuff from them being packaged.

If you email us at [email protected], with your order number and pictures of the mark, our team will be happy to help.

Who can wear your shoes?

Any professional can wear our shoes! Our brand was born from a need expressed by nurses and we're excited to expand and bring footwear to all professionals who stand for a living!

How do I unsubscribing to the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe to our emails, by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our Gales Newsletter. We'll be sorry to see you go!

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